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Commission for Environment & Others

Environment Division

To provide a safe environment for a better quality of life for the present and future generation.
To assist the Government in protecting and managing the environment of Rodrigues and its assets with a view of safeguarding and improving their capacity to sustain the Rodriguan society and its development processes and to harmonize between environment protection, quality of life and sustainable development for the present and future generations.
The Environment Division is comprised of the following sections and aspects:
Education and Awareness Section
Roles of the section
Promote public awareness and environmental education in collaboration with NGOs and private sector
Disseminate information to the public
Ensure link of the Division with Education and Awareness sub-committee
Organization of awareness programmes during environmental events
Living Environment and Embellishment Section
Roles of the section
Supervise embellishment and carry out projects for enhancement of physical Environment
Organize tree planting activities
Embellishment and upgrading of public places
Installation of bins
Cleaning and maintenance of green spaces and roadsides outside the scope of RODCLEAN ltd
Plantation of decorative plants
E.I.A. and P.E.R, Environmental Clearances and Post Monitoring
Roles of the section
Review of E.I.A and P.E.R reports and submit views thereon
Post Monitoring of E.I.As and P.E.Rs Project
Ensuring Coordination with the newly E.I.A and P.E.R Committee
Preparation of TORs for the E.I.A and P.E.R Committee
Ensure post EIA monitoring and compliance with conditions of clearances issued
Policy and Planning Section
Roles of the section
Review and update of policy documents
Formulation of policy on key environmental issues
Adopt pollution pay principle in waste management.
Integrated Coastal Zone Management Section
Roles of the section
Develop Integrated Coastal Management Plan
Monitoring of coastal resources including beaches
Control and monitoring of beach erosion
Ensuring coordination with the ICZM committee
Assist in the implementation of Oil Spill Contingency Plan for Rodrigues
Control and management of Islets
Police de l’Environnement
The main duty of the Unit is to enforce environment laws to provide assistance to the Commissions under the RRA as may be required on the legal provisions for the protection of the environment
Solid Waste Management Section
Roles of the section
Develop waste management plan for Rodrigues
Supervising of waste collection programmes
Monitoring of RODCLEAN ltd
Supervision of Management of Dumpsite
Assist in processing of applications for Waste Carrier’s License
Staff of the Division and contact numbers
Names of Officers
Contact Numbers
Officer in Charge
Technical Officer
AZIE Jean Lindsay
Technical Officer

Various studies are underway under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment and NDU for the Republic of Mauritius and Rodrigues is being included. Specificity is being recognized in
Study of environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs)
Development of Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZM Plan)
Memorandum of Understanding
The Commission for Environment has signed a MOU with the Beach Authority that aims at enhancing cooperation between the Rodrigues Regional Assembly and the Beach Authority with regards to the control and management of public beaches in Rodrigues.
Support to NGOs in cleaning programs by issuing plastic refuse bags, cleaning tools and transport facilities for disposal of collected wastes.
Preparation of tender documents for the rehabilitation of the waste water disposal system at Grenade.
Consultation meeting with delegation from the Ministry of Environment & NDU in the context of the review of the National Environment Action Plan II.
Embellishment of the public places with plantation of decorative plants at Bay Lascar Bus Terminal, along the road form Citronelle to Port Mathurin and at Pointe La Guele.
Installation of picnic tables on beaches and green spaces at North Bay, Bay Lascar, Pointe Cotton and Administration yard Port Mathurin.
Organization of:
Cleanup campaigns on the occasion of the cleaning up the World in September 2007 with the theme “Anou netoy nou la forêt” with the collaboration of the Scout, ABRO, Mont Lubin Youth Club and some village committees.
An island wide cleaning campaigns in the five (5) RCSS zones (95 villages) in the context of the world Environment Day 2008. The campaign was launched in April 2008 at Camp du Roi with the theme “Anou aret pollué pou nu sove nou pays”. Some 150 m3 of waste were collected.
The organization of various activities to enlist the participation of the whole community in the celebration of the World Environment Day (5th June 2008) by:
Plant donation to the public
Carnival competition including 15 Youth Clubs, the Road riders and the Centre d’Animation Culturelle
Best environment school competition in schools and colleges
Fresco competition within five colleges
Talks on radio
Monitoring of beach erosion at English Bay and implementation of protection works by installing a sand bag barrier.
Support to private companies and individuals in the collection of scrap metals throughout the island for exportation towards Mauritius.
Coordination with ECOFUEL Ltd regarding the collection of used oil from mechanical workshops (Government & private) for shipment to Mauritius. About sixty drums of used oil have already been taken by ECOFUEL Ltd. Empty containers were provided to used oil generators to facilitate the exercise.
Installation of drum bins and litter bins in public places.
Maintenance and upkeeping of environment (cleaning and trimming of grass) on public beaches and all public places outside the scope of ROCLEAN Ltd.